Hello and welcome to my handmade nursery decor and baby mobile site.

So you’ve just left the hospital with your new born baby and you’re probably thinking…now what?! Being a mother brings with it a fair share of “now what?!” moments. But you know it’s worth it when you walk into your baby’s room in the morning to see her pudgy little paw reaching up and out of her cot at the stars suspended above her.

If you’d prefer to get straight to to business, visit my handmade nursery decor store front. If not, stick around to hear a little more about me and why I’m here 🙂

I am a mom, an animator, a web designer and a creator of handmade nursery decor. Though this all seemed a lot to juggle with an adventurous 3 year old, I was determined to open my own handmade shop. While looking deeper into online selling, I found the perfect platform to display my work – Etsy! Before I knew it I had plucked up the courage to open my Etsy shop, and was amazed at the response.

Therefore I decided to create my own website – since web design is my day job. Of course you can read more about me, but first I want to introduce my shop.

All my products are 100% handmade by me, from design, making my own patterns to cutting and sewing.

I design everything with baby and new parents in mind. Especially since I saw how much joy my first mobile brought to my daughter. As a result nothing makes me more excited knowing my creations are travelling across the globe to live in a new home, and bring the same joy to others.

I am happy to help you design your perfect mobile, garland or ornament at no extra cost. I’m always looking for new inspiration and challenges, so feel free to share your ideas🙂

🐤 Happy shopping 🐤